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How Electric Bikes Work

How Electric Bikes Work How Electric Bikes Benefit Electric Bike Systems View The Electric Bike Range How Electric Bikes Work Many people are wondering how electric bikes work. Let’s keep it short and simple. An electric bike rides just the same as a normal conventional bike but with the assistance it gives a helping hand…

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The Orange Electric Bikes Are Coming

The Electric Orange Bikes Are Coming Electric Powered Orange Electric Orange bikes have been coming for a while, they all talked about it, but now it’s here, the electric powered orange is now here.  They’ve been watching the eBike market grow. So what Orange done is build what they call a proper bike that’s a…

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The New eMTB Mode For Bosch Electric Bikes

The New eMTB Mode for bosch performance line cx A mode for the eMountainbiker The eMTB Mode is for the former eMountainbikers which varies the mode through eco to turbo. With torque up to 75Nm the engine contributes between 120% and 300%. The eMTB mode works when applying pressure to the pedals, the motor then adjusts…

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