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Product Description

FRAME The new Enduro features a full-carbon frameset, boasting 170mm of suspension travel in an all-new design that increases your control and speed over the roughest sections of trail, yet also boasts exceptional pedaling efficiency. We’ve also given the new Enduro aggressive “long, low and slack” geometry for a more balanced and confident feel at speed. You’ll find a host smart details, including our SWAT™ Door down tube storage integration, a creak-free threaded BB, and painless internal cable routing. Finally, our S-Works frame also sports upper and lower carbon linkage, which shaves an additional 210 grams of the ultra-light frameset.
SEAT BINDER Alloy, 38.6
SWAT Increased-volume SWAT™ Door integration with 22oz SWAT™ Bladder
REAR SHOCK FOX FLOAT X2 Factory, Rx Trail Tune, 2-position adjustment, high and low speed rebound and compression adjust, Trunnion mount, 205x60mm

This is the bike that defines the very genre that bears its name—the S-Works Enduro climbs with utmost efficiency yet stays calm on even the gnarliest descents. It features a bomber, yet lightweight carbon frame that blissfully tackles the kind of terrain that chews up and spits out lesser bikes.


If the Enduro looks like its sibling, the Demo, it's because they share plenty of downhill DNA. A more-rearward axle path reduces wheel hang-up on big impacts. A low- and forward-positioned shock keeps it planted and confident-feeling at high speeds. And balanced chassis stiffness helps the front-end steer precisely and keeps the rear-end tracking like it’s on rails. Add it all up and you have a bike that laughs in the face of the steepest, rockiest trails


  S2 S3 S4 S5
WHEELBASE 1217mm 1246mm 1274mm 1302mm
HEAD-TUBE LENGTH 95mm 100mm 110mm 120mm
B-B DROP (LOW BB) 28mm 28mm 28mm 28mm
TOP TUBE LENGTH (HORIZONTAL) 591mm 619mm 644mm 670mm
FORK RAKE/OFFSET 46mm 46mm 46mm 46mm
HEAD-TUBE ANGLE 64.3mm 64.3mm 64.3mm 64.3mm
B-B HEIGHT 354mm 354mm 354mm 354mm
CHAIN-STAY LENGTH 442mm 442mm 442mm 442mm
TRAIL (LOW BB) 132mm 132mm 132mm 132mm
FORK LENGTH (FULL) 581mm 581mm 581mm 581mm
SEAT-TUBE ANGLE 76mm 76mm 76mm 76mm
STACK (LOW BB) 616mm 620mm 629mm 638mm
REACH (LOW BB) 437mm 464mm 487mm 511mm
FRONT-CENTER (LOW BB) 777mm 806mm 833mm 862mm
B-B HEIGHT (LOW BB) 347mm 347mm 347mm 347mm
B-B DROP 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm
SEAT-TUBE LENGTH 400mm 420mm 440mm 465mm
HEAD-TUBE ANGLE (LOW BB) 63.9° 63.9° 63.9° 63.9°



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S3, S4