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Cube is a German manufacturer that produces the best bikes from road race to eMTB. The Cube range consists of mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, e-bikes as well as trekking bikes, women's specific bikes and kids! Cube have the largest range of Bosch eBikes, and have the best quality bikes to cater for any type of riding.

They set out to design the best electric bikes so they took all their knowledge from building Bosch powered bikes and added their engineers expertise technology. Race Co Cycles UK are one of the biggest Cube Bike dealers in the UK.  

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Haibike supply a various range of electric bikes with both Bosch and Yamaha motors. Haibike are based in Germany who offer a quality range of bikes with high specifications and performance for any budget.

Haibike electric bikes deliver many miles of smooth, reliable, power assistance. For those looking for extra help going the distance, or extra laps on the trails Haibike are the electric bikes that support both of these for your needs. So whether it's cruising the cities with extra help or riding the trails faster and getting a few extra laps in, Haibike is the perfect bike for you.

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Orange mountain bikes are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK. Orange produce some of the most hardcore trail bikes on the market from downhill, to hardcore steel
hardtails. They supply the best performance trail bikes in Britain.

With the option of customizing the bikes to how you wish, from the colour of the frame to the drivetrain, Orange have the best option to have the ultimate trail bikes with your own upgrades to suit you.

Race Co Cycles UK are one of the biggest Orange dealers in the UK and offer a wide range of stock in store and even supply customers with custom builds. 

View the Orange range here.  Orange Bikes

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Nukeproof started out producing titanium frames, carbon handlebars, and other components. As Nukeproof went on
they designed frames with racing in mind.

Now designed and developed in Belfast Northern Ireland, Nukeproof are now sold worldwide with some of the best designed downhill racing bikes in the industry. The brand continues to evolve while retaining its tradition of being crafted 'by riders for riders'. 

Race Co Cycles UK have a large stock of Nukeproof Bikes in store and online!

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Bosch Electric Bike Innovations At A Glance For 2018

Bosch Electric Bike Innovations at a glance for 2018 Bosch have a few new innovations coming for the 2018 electric bikes. Bosch are offering more riding enjoyment with the Active Plus Line, smart support with the new active line, and modern design with PowerTube 500. Bosch are always on step ahead with new technologies for…

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Electric Bike Systems

Electric Bike Systems At Race Co Cycles UK we specialize in both Bosch and Yamaha e-bike systems. We are now a certified Bosch eBike Expert, one of the top ten in the UK. Not sure on what system to go for? Read below for a little understanding on each system; Bosch system One step on the…

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How Electric Bikes Benefit

How Electric Bikes Benefit Electric bikes mean different things to different people. Who would want an electric bike? Some people look for being able to commute in a shorter time without being so hot and bothered, others look for a helping hand for hills and covering long distances. Some just look for faster harder riding…

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electric bike ebike how they work

How Electric Bikes Work

How Electric Bikes Work Many people are wondering how electric bikes work. Let’s keep it short and simple. An electric bike rides just the same as a normal conventional bike but with the assistance it gives a helping hand to those with health difficulties and gives those who want to ride faster and harder off…

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an orange electric bike in motion

The Orange Electric Bikes Are Coming

The Electric Orange Bikes Are Coming Electric Powered Orange Electric Orange bikes have been coming for a while, they all talked about it, but now it’s here, the electric powered orange is now here.  They’ve been watching the eBike market grow. So what Orange done is build what they call a proper bike that’s a…

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The New eMTB Mode For Bosch Electric Bikes

The New eMTB Mode for bosch performance line cx A mode for the eMountainbiker The eMTB Mode is for the former eMountainbikers which varies the mode through eco to turbo. With torque up to 75Nm the engine contributes between 120% and 300%. The eMTB mode works when applying pressure to the pedals, the motor then adjusts…

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